The Importance Of Human Resource Management

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The human resource department has a very important job. They have to attract workers to the organization, they have to hire the right workers and after the workers are trained and developed they have to maintain the workers properly so that they do not leave the organization. Good human resource management is essential when running any company and without this the organization will not be successful.

Human resource management must attract workers

The first step for managers in human resources is for them to attract workers. When they are doing this they should look at the organizations strategic plan so that they know who to recruit. When managers look at the strategic plan they will recruit the right amount people with the right skills and at the right time.

They have to recruit workers

After human resource management has attracted applicants they must choose the right ones. They should choose the people with the right skills to perform the job and they should also consider if an applicant’s personality will suit the organizations corporate culture. When organizations are recruiting workers they should do an employment criminal background check. These checks will look into the past criminal history of an employee if he has a history. This is done for security reasons and all organizations should do this.

This is often done when the potential employee is applying for a job that involves high security. Employees should get national police clearance certificates so that they can prove that they are safe to work with and they can be trusted. It is very easy to get this and you can get it online. This should be taken from trusted sites as your employers will not accept the certificate from unknown sites.

When employers are choosing potential candidates for the job from the applicants who have applied for the job they should look at the job description. This way they will know what type of job will be done so then they can pick potential applicants.

Employees are selected through job interviews, paper and pencil tests and curriculum vitae.

They have to maintain employees

After attracting and hiring employees managers must maintain the employees. This means that have to make employees happy and give them a reason to stay. This can be done through training and development. Once employees learn the job and know what to do then they will enjoy it. Development will help improve all their skills and make them more qualified so that they can get promotions. This means that they will work harder so that they can keep going up in the company.

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